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Summer is Immunization Season for Teens & Young People.  Many parents mistakenly believe that their kids are fully immunized upon completion of infant immunizations prior to starting kindergarten. New State of Indiana immunization requirements were put in place last year. A young person’s “yearly checkup” is a perfect time to discuss vaccines that should be considered or may be required during the adolescent years. Call now to make an appointment. Read more.

Don't Shortchange Your Health Care ... watching every expenditure in tough economic times is natural, but don’t put off seeing your doctor when you have a health care issue and continue taking your prescribed medications.  Don't make these mistakes.  Click here.

The ABCs of Handwashing.  Frequent, proper handwashing is a remarkably effective and often neglected way to prevent the spread of illness year round.  Click here.

Cough Etiquette ... protect others when you are suffering as you would have them protect you when they are afflicted. The result will be a better, healthier environment for all.  Click here.

Here are some health tips offered by our staff members when we asked about their New Year's resolutions. 

Check them out below, and if you have a health tip you would like to share, email it to us at Contact@PIHdocs.com and we'll share it with other visitors to our website.   The tips we're talking about are not things like running a marathon or exercising an hour a day.  We're looking for practical little things that have worked for you and might benefit others.

Eat more fruits and vegetables (several)
Walk my dogs more (SAW)
Cherish each day with family and friends (anonymous)
Do an act of kindess (KHD)
Be a people builder (DJ)
Lose 10 pounds (anonymous)
Walk the levee (CSE)
Avoid stressful resolutions (CJH)
Have a healthier attitude ... when I don't allow myself to get upset and anxious about things I can't control, I eat better and feel better physically (MW)

Check back for more health tips.  And email your health tips to Contact@PIHdocs.com and we'll add them to the list.


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