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October 6, 2009

Partners Mark 10 Years

By Denise Freitag Burdette
Assistant News Editor

As a group of doctors, their philosphy is “patient first.”

For 10 years, that way of thinking has remained at the heart of Partners in Health.

“We all have the same values and concerns about offering our patients the best available medical care with a human concern for all their needs,” said Dr. Lynn Eiler, Partners in Health president.

Eiler started the group, along with Dr. Daniel Barkdoll, Dr. David Dobbs, and Dr. Carol Lovin, in 1999. They now have a total of seven doctors including Dr. Thom Bunnell, who joined in July 2006, Dr. Samantha Wood, who joined in fall 2005 and Dr. Radu Zidarescu, who joined in April 2007 after practicing medicine in Dearborn County since 2000. Certified Nurse Midwife Amy Palmer joined the team in January 2007.

The past four years the practice has been located along the riverfront in downtown Lawrenceburg. Even the design of the building was planned to give patients the best care possible, said Eiler.

The design allows optimum interaction with colleagues while provding a warm and friendly environment, he said.  “I think it has been well received by the patients and the community,” said Eiler. “Ten years has gone by so fast,” he said.

Rewarding profession

Along with the 10th anniversary of Partners on Health, Eiler is celebrating 30 years as a doctor.

A native of Cincinnati, Eiler was the valedictorian of his Colerain High School Class of 1969. He attended the University of Michigan intending on majoring in German literature and math. But he dropped the math major after deciding to pursue a career in medicine.

He graduated from the University of Michigan in December 1972. He started medical school at Ohio State University in June 1973, completing his M.D. degree in September 1976.

He was part of a novel independent study program being offered at Ohio State University College of Medicine. The government was trying to find ways to educate doctors more quickly, in as short as three years versus four years, said Eiler.

His internal medicine residency was spent at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton from October 1976 to September 1979.  He decided to pursue medicine as a career because it gave him the chance to combine his interests in hunamities and math studies, said Eiler.

Being a doctor gives him the chance to interact with people while applying science knowledge and skills, he said.

After completing his residency, he received a scholarship from the U.S. Public Health Service to practice medicine in a “health manpower shortage area” for at least two years. At the time these areas included Bright and all of Ohio County, said Eiler.

He joined another U.S. Public Health Service doctor in Bright in October 1979. The other doctor left after Eiler was in Bright for a year. Eventually Eiler also started seeing patients in Lawrenceburg, but after six years of going back and forth, he decided to focus his attention in Lawrenceburg.

Another doctor joined him for eight years before leaving for Cincinnati. Other doctors came and went before the arrival of Dr. Nancy Kennedy in 1991. She left last February to work at Dearborn County Hospital, Lawrenceburg.

Eiler’s Dearborn Medical Associates then merged with the other founding doctors to form Partners in Health.

Throughout his 30 years as a doctor, Eiler has had many favorite moments treating individual patients, but one of his career highlights was spending two weeks on a medical mission in China.

“It was quite overwhelming,” said Eiler.

They were in a remote area, a center to minority ethnic groups, he said.

“They were very poor, very grateful that anyone would come take care of them,” said Eiler.  It ws nice to forget about insurance for once and just treat people.  The group came with a lot of drug samples to use on the trip, he said.

“I think we treated more than 2,000 patients during a two-week period,” said Eiler, adding they also had the chance to address some of the patients’ spiritual needs.

Here is to the next 10

Sticking to their philosphy of putting their patients first, the 10th anniversary of the practice was celebarted simply with cake and nonalcoholic campagne in the breakroom before heading back to work.

“Partners in Health has been a good experience,” said Eiler. "Here is to 10 more great years."

Partners in Health is located on High Street in downtown Lawrenceburg, one block east of Walnut Street. For more information call1-812-537-9100 or go to www.pihdocs.com.


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